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Find Fellow Smithies on The Network

The Smith College Alum Directory is now The Network! There, you can update your information so you can stay in touch with classmates and students, network and make new connections, and choose how you want to receive updates from the college.

Access it on our website or as a downloadable app via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It has a new look, is fully accessible and offers more user-friendly navigation. 

Our FAQ answers common questions about this private alum directory and communication tool for Smithies.

The Network Frequently Asked Questions

Are you interested in Smith Career Connect? 
Smith Career Connect is the college’s new online platform where alums can share career insights directly with students and empower them in their careers.  

To sign up:  
1. Log on to The Network and make sure your profile is up to date. 
2. Click on the "Raise Your Hand" tab and select "Open to Connect About My Career."  
3. Watch for an email from with instructions on joining the platform. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at or read this FAQ for more information.

How do I access The Network? Do I need a login and password? 
Search “Smith College Network” or use the links below to download the mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

You can also access it directly using a web browser.

Access it on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

If you know your Smith College Network or Smith Alumnae Directory login information, you can login through your browser or the mobile app. Your current username and password will remain valid. If you are not sure, use the 'Reset my Password' link for a self-help option. Current students and alum employees may choose to use their college login credentials.

What is The Network? 
The ability to forge connections within the Smith alum network is a considerable asset to alums. To enable those kinds of connections, the college has always supported a Directory where alums could find and contact other Smithies. The original "Smith College Alumnae Directory" was printed and mailed to alums. It later moved to a secure online platform. In August 2022, the Smith College Alumnae Directory was updated and renamed The Network. The Network is a private alum directory and communication tool for Smith alums and students. The primary purpose is to support alums connecting with other alums and students connecting with alums. The college is proud to provide this service (an industry standard) and know that many alums and volunteers utilize and rely on it. Watch a video tutorial about The Network.

What’s new about The Network? 
The updated Directory remains available via the Smith website but is now also available as a downloadable app via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It has a new look, is fully accessible, and offers more user-friendly navigation. The Search functionality has been enhanced, directly in response to feedback from alums. Users also have the ability to Raise Your Hand and help us understand the various ways you would like to connect with the college and with each other. Alum contact information is hidden unless an alum chooses to share it, but you can use the in-app Direct Message feature to connect.

How can I ensure that my records are correct? 
We encourage you to login and click on the My Profile tab to ensure your information is up to date and your privacy settings are in place to match your interest in connecting with other alums and with current students. You can review your settings at any time and should update the directory whenever a life change happens that you want to share with the college and the alum community. This could be an address, marital status, employer or job title, and more. Updating alum records will now be more easily completed at your convenience.

When you land on your My Profile page, you will see what other alums and students can see if they find you via Search. Click on ‘View your Profile in Edit Mode’ at the top of the page to hide or unhide your information and to edit any information. Click on ‘View your Profile in Public Mode’ to confirm your changes match your intentions.

How do I update my Privacy settings? 
You can control what data is visible to other users in The Network. Simply click on 'My Profile' in the top navigation bar or mobile app menu. You will see your record as others can see it. Click on 'View your Profile in Edit Mode' to make changes to any data or adjust your privacy settings. For maximum privacy, click on 'Edit Details' in the first box and select the 'Hide Full Profile' checkbox.  If you would like some information to be visible to others but not all, select the privacy checkboxes next to the relevant data throughout the page. All addresses, phones and emails are hidden as a default but can be shared by unchecking the appropriate box. If you have any questions about your privacy settings, email

How do I search for other alums within The Network? 
You can start by typing a keyword.  It can be a name, part of a name, a year, a location, an employer, etc. This will generate a list of categories that the keyword can be applied against. Click on the category. Additional search terms can be added to further filter a list. Individual search terms can be removed by clicking the ‘x’. All search terms can be removed by clicking ‘clear all.’ The search results will respect all privacy settings. Results can be sorted A-Z or Z-A by Name, Class or Location.

What if I don’t want to be findable in a search? 
If you have previously hidden your record, you remain hidden. To remove yourself from search, go to the My Profile tab and click on ‘View your Profile in Edit Mode’. In the About Me box, click on Edit Details. Check the Hide Full Profile box. When this box is checked you are not discoverable in The Network directory in any way. You are not discoverable via Search, you cannot be direct messaged. To reverse this, repeat the steps and uncheck the Hide Full Profile box. If you have any questions about your privacy settings, email

What is Raise Your Hand? 
Alums can opt-in to being open to inquiries from other alums or students regarding: job or internship opportunities, their career path, where they live and work, or identities. These choices are then reflected on their Profile page. Alums can also opt-in to being open to volunteering for Smith across our various roles. To Raise your Hand, simply click on the box that interests you. To withdraw your interest, click the box again to deselect it.

Who should I contact with questions or feedback? 
We will continue to refine The Network and welcome your feedback or questions at