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Ana Duarte Montano ’24

Scholarship Recipient

Ana Duarte Montano

What has financial aid meant to you?
Financial aid has meant relief to me and my family. I am truly capable of focusing on my studies without having to worry about how I would make my next school payment.

What does being a Smithie mean to you?
Being a Smithie means having the freedom to express yourself, to learn more about yourself and to explore various careers.

What are your career objectives?
My current goal is to attend veterinary school and do what I love most: help animals. I’m on the prevet track, majoring in biochemistry and minoring in psychology. I have also recently become interested in the medical research field, which is another possible career path.

“Whenever I struggle, I remember the reasons I came to Smith: to make my parents proud and gain the knowledge that I need to work in the career that I love.”

What challenges have you had to overcome?
I am a first-generation, Hispanic high school graduate as well as a first-generation college student. Coming to Smith was a huge culture shock. I am very close to my family and have never been away from them for so long. However, whenever I struggle, I remember the reasons I came to Smith: to make my parents proud and gain the knowledge that I need to work in the career that I love.

What are you doing for fun?
Recently, I joined the Smith cheer team, which I consider one of my biggest accomplishments. Throughout high school, I wanted to play a sport but I never seemed to have enough time. At Smith, I have figured out how to balance academic work with being part of a sport. This is teaching me how to manage my time wisely and shows me that I can do everything I love while attending college.

What do you hope to accomplish during your time at Smith?
I hope to learn how to balance my academics, extracurricular and personal life. I hope to learn how to be on my own away from my family, so that by the time I graduate from college I can be an independent woman.

What’s your favorite thing about Smith?
How confident everyone is in their own bodies. The confidence of Smith students has encouraged me to be more confident about myself.

Who has had the most impact on you?
My parents. They always showed me how important it is to be a hard worker and to never give up on my dreams. They have taught me to stay strong, even when life brings me down. I aspire to make them proud and to be the best role model for my younger siblings. I want to show my siblings that anything is possible if there is passion.

What would you say to a financial aid donor?
Thank you for helping me study and for giving me the opportunity to obtain a degree in something I love. Your donations can change the lives of low-income students who do not have the opportunity to attend college due to their economic status.


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To make an endowed gift or to learn more about supporting financial aid at Smith, please contact Betsy Carpenter ’93, associate vice president for development, at 413-585-2052 or

About Ana

Phoenix, Arizona

Biochemistry (Major)

Psychology (Minor)

The Williams Lab (Researching Parasites Infecting Endangered Wildlife in Africa)

Member, First Gen Out Loud

Member, CLIFS (Community for Low-Income and First-Generation Students)

Member, Smith College Cheer Team