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Delia Haston ’25

Scholarship Recipient

Scholarship Recipient

Why Smith?
I wanted to experience something different from Southern California, where I live, but I really wanted to be pushed and supported on my journey to grow into myself. Not just academically, but in all ways. 

What has financial aid meant to you?
My Smith grant is truly life-changing. Smith gave me the most generous package I could have imagined. My mom and I both cried when we read my financial aid letter. My aid means I get to be in this place that I love, and that I can start pursuing my dreams without the fear of being held back by finances.

“Financial aid means I get to be in this place that I love, and that I can start pursuing my dreams without the fear of being held back by finances.”

What does being a Smithie mean to you?
Being a Smithie means being a talented, unique individual, with big ideas and deep passions. It means being kind and welcoming, and being a part of the most incredible community. It means being a person interested in growing into the best version of yourself and chasing your dreams.

What challenges did you overcome to make it to Smith?
Smith is a long way from where I live, and I had a lot of fears about moving my life across the country. I am glad to say that while it took time and talking with my family to overcome those fears, I succeeded and I don't wish to be anywhere else than the place I am.

What is your favorite thing about Smith so far?
The people truly are what make Smith unique. Smith is like one giant family. I find myself so in awe of the talent, intelligence, strength and kindness in the people who surround me. I love the quick conversations before class and the late-night talks in the Campus Center Café or the Neilson Library.

Is there a faculty or staff member who stands out for you?
My first-year seminar professor, Javier Puente, has been an especially positive force. He’s a phenomenal role model who leads by example. He challenges me to think about the world differently and pushes me to grow, in a way that is encouraging and collaborative.

What’s an opportunity at Smith that excites you? 
The open curriculum. I've had the opportunity, right from the outset, to study things that I love, or know nothing about or things that set my soul on fire. I’m not held back by a long list of required classes. I can also take classes with people from all years here, which is invaluable because I am being encouraged to push myself. What an amazing experience.

What are your career hopes? 
My ultimate career goal is to become a diplomat or ambassador. I would like to pursue a career in international relations so I can work my way up to that. At Smith, I plan to focus on government, and Latin American and Latino/a studies.

Why should donors support financial aid? 
It's an opportunity to completely redefine someone's life.

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To make an endowed gift or to learn more about supporting financial aid at Smith, please contact Betsy Carpenter ’93, associate vice president for development, at 413-585-2052 or

About Delia

Big Bear City, California

Government, Latin American & Latino/a Studies

Ceramics Club

First-Year Representative on House Council, King House

Volunteer, Smith College Museum of Art