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Smith College's Visiting Scholars Program enriches campus intellectual activities, nurtures the college's commitment to cultural diversity, and furthers its goal of being a world college. International visitors hosted by academic departments and programs extend the range of global experiences the college can offer its community. Departments and programs inviting scholars from around the world to become part of Smith’s intellectual life make a vital contribution to the college's rich, diverse and vibrant academic environment.

Host a Scholar

Departments and programs that wish to invite a scholar to Smith commit hosting faculty to arrange and oversee the scholar's interactions with other faculty, and students, at Smith. Scholars are also sometimes invited primarily because of shared research projects with Smith faculty members. In some cases, these are grant-funded visits for which Smith will agree to host a scholar on campus based on connections with an individual Smith faculty member.

International Visitor/Scholar Request Form

Selection Process

Visiting scholars are selected by the provost's office based on review of the Visiting Scholar Request Form submitted by the hosting academic unit and the overall scheduling, curricular compatibility and available financial resources. (Note: In the case of grant-funded visits, if letters of support or other materials are needed prior to funding decisions, please be sure to indicate this on the form.)

Requests for Visiting Scholars

A typical visiting scholar arrangement is three to four weeks. It may include a small stipend, a studio guest apartment, complimentary lunches at the Campus Center, round-trip airfare (for one), as well as gym and library privileges for the length of the visit. Details on these benefits will be resolved depending on the nature of the individual visit and available resources.